Volusia Fire Department

One team one mission:
To protect life, property and the environment through efficient and responsive services.

Volusia County Fire Rescue provides fire protection and rescue services throughout the unincorporated areas of the county and in the municipalities of Pierson, Oak Hill and Lake Helen.

There are 21 Volusia County Fire Rescue fire stations, which are staffed 24/7 and offer public fire education programs.

The early years
Before the 1960s, fire protection in Volusia County was provided to residents in a similar fashion as other areas of the country. The larger cities and some municipalities organized their fire departments and staffed them with either all career personnel or a combination of volunteer and career staff. The smaller communities provided fire protection through the enlistment of volunteer members from their towns. In the rural areas, often there were no local services leaving homeowners vulnerable.

The future
Volusia County Fire Services is stronger and better prepared because of the events it has encountered to date. With continued dedication and clear vision, Volusia County Fire Services continues to grow and advance its services to protect the life, property and environment within the community. The future is just another place in time. It is filled with opportunities to explore what lies ahead and master the challenges the future presents.

The community
Besides responding to medical emergencies and fire-rescue calls, Volusia County Fire Services provides the community with a number of special services and programs including:

  • Free home fire-safety evaluations
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Fire protection water supply inspection and testing
  • Pre-fire incident planning surveys
  • Company inspections
  • Child Safe Place
  • Safe Haven for Newborns
  • Child car safety seat fitting and inspection
  • Household smoke detector program
  • Public fire prevention and fire-safety education programs
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

Volusia County Fire Services strives to be more than a “fire service”; it is an “all-hazards” emergency response and community risk management organization with the safety of the community’s residents of primary importance.