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Torrance Fire Department


The city that Jared Sidney Torrance envisioned was one that was built even before anyone came to live in it. It was to be a place where people could come and have a job waiting for them. The businesses would be established, the streets in and paved, sewer and water lines underground, houses built and the landscaping done. The Dominguez Land Company, of which he was an officer, created this industrial town as a real estate venture. The site was empty land on the way from Los Angeles to San Pedro. The only connecting road was East Road (now Torrance Blvd.), which ran east to Main Street.

The Torrance Fire Department is a nationally recognized ISO Class 1 premier all-risk public safety organization.  Our primary mission is to protect, serve and improve the quality of life for the entire community of Torrance.  We achieve this through strong partnerships in all areas within the City of Torrance.

Our resources are strategically located across the City to ensure we are meeting the community’s expectations.  Our emergency response resources include seven engine companies, two truck companies, five paramedic rescue units, hazardous materials unit, Urban Search & Rescue, a multi-casualty unit, an air & light unit, and a Platoon Commander serving as emergency scene manager.

The Torrance Fire Department is comprised of seven (7) functioning divisions. They are:

Administration Division

Communication and Public Affairs Division

Community Risk Reduction Division

Emergency Medical Services Division

Emergency Response and Training Division

Organizational Planning Division

Support Services Division

The department currently employees 144 Sworn personnel and 19.5 Non-Sworn for a total of 163.5 positions in the Department.