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Mountain View Fire Rescue

Fire Chief 

Mountain View Fire Rescue (MVFR) is a full-service fire department providing both fire and emergency medical transport services. MVFR has a service area of 184 square miles including the communities of Dacono, Erie, Mead, Niwot, and unincorporated areas of Boulder and Weld counties. The department provides services for the District from five strategically located fire stations. MVFR works diligently to be an economic partner and to create and build close, proactive relationships with its stakeholder communities. In an effort to continually assist service areas with economic development and to keep risks low, MVFR continues to lower its ISO rating, which as of September 2015 is 2/8B.

Mountain View Fire Rescue goes beyond traditional fire service and believes in holding its department to the highest standards. MVFR is committed to safety, preparedness for the unexpected, and defining the future in emergency services and community involvement by embracing high moral and ethical standards.

The MVFR team was created by individuals who have the passion, the commitment, and the desire to save a life and make an impact in the community. They are trained to the highest standards and pride themselves on being an organization that is attentive to its citizens. MVFR has created an accountable workforce in every area, and its firefighters, rescue workers, and administrative staff are well-educated and extremely experienced. MVFR hires the brightest and most educated people on the market and encourages and, in some cases, requires personnel to pursue development and educational opportunities. MVFR believes that experience and education work together to provide the best service humanly possible to the community.

MVFR has earned international Accreditation by the Commission on Fire Accreditation (CFAI), which means the organization has voluntarily agreed to meet a standard that is significantly higher than required by the state or federal government.

The District is governed by a citizen-elected Board of Directors consisting of five members representing the districts in which they reside, and serving four-year terms. The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis.